Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Finger

Oh boy... Well I thought today would be a more positive day. I went to sewing. I had to seam rip out the whole piece because I sewed the top and not the bottom. Then my stupid machine kept beeping and I was getting frustrated. This girl in my class had to come help me and I just felt like I always have to have someone to help me. She fixed the problem and I went on sewing. I was sewing the pocket onto the bag. I moved the fabric over a tad bit and just burst into a scream and them a cry. The scream was from the needle going into my finger but the cry was from all my emotions just building up and this just made it all that much worse. Ya it hurt but it wasn't the worst pain I've felt in my life. The teacher freaked called the nurse and 911. Why do they always have to fuss over me. I'm so tried of all this. The nurse came. I'm sorry I have a hard time with her. She just kept saying "well at least it didn't go through your nail." I'm like lady you are not helping. The lady panics. She does not make a good nurse. Your suppose to be calm in the medical field. My mom says just 3 more weeks then I don't have to worry about her. The rest of the day was crappy. Had seizures you know the deal. Some kids were messing with me in one of my classes. It really hurts a person when you whisper and laugh when you don't even know what that person is going through. I don't know I feel like I. Going through a hard patch right now. It's hard for me to get my motions in order. I can't seem to pick up my strength and smile and say it's ok. I'm exhausted and through I am leaning on God, it's hard to see where this is taking me. I've been crying in every class. I have pain all through out my body. Pain nobody can ever imagine. Seizure that interrupt my thinking and school work during class. Then I loose the information during that time and do bad on the tests. It's hard for me to even find a smile. I probably rambling on about something nobodymwants to read. So I'll just go... Love always, Kari

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