Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

I had a pretty good weekend. I went to a little movie get together with some church friends and had a good time. My seizures have increased. I sometimes know when they come on. I get like a flutter in my heart and that is the cue I need to sit down. I don't think they are stress related like some of then were before. Because one thing I am not stressed. My life is really good right now. I am surrounded by friends that love me and will support me and I have never felt closer to God. He is my pure strength. When I can't go anymore He will go for me. That is just so amazing! I feel so close to him. Like I never felt that by just reading my Bible and praying daily could make me feel so alive and living for God, it is so uhhh idk. Like I no longer need my earthly things. Because I have the Lord Jesus Christ in me. It's truly amazing. Anyway back to the seizures. I had 3 yesterday. One when I was cleaning my room and I woke up on the floor and I said to myself, I must have passout or had a seizure. LOL. Then 2 more at the party. Which idk how the heck.... It's so embaressing when you pass out and seize with your friends around. Not like they really minded I don't think. I told them in advanced and they were chill about it. Which I am grateful. Thing is I just hope I don't have any at school. That would be so embarressing with all the kids starring, not like I'd be able to see them hence I'd be seizing but the fact that when I wake up they'd wonder. I don't know, just thinking. 
I tlked to Dr. Fox and agreed to start Lamictal. She said it would help my swallowing, which it has!! She said she wasn't sure if it was going to help my seizures but cross your fingers it will. I can't drive or nothing. It's like my freedoms gone. But I have peace about it. I am trying to be so brave about the Lyme treatment. Dr. Fox said I will start in 2 months. The treatment is a 3 week on 1 week off cycle. The whole treatment is 15 months. whew... So prayers prayers prayers! 
Anyway not much else. Back to school this week. 48 days (including weekends) till I graduate. 
Love Always, 

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