Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where did that pencil go?

I'm sitting on the couch writing stuff down right? ok well I put my pencil down for like 2 seconds. I get frustrated and start yelling cause I just had the dumb pencil. I sit there and just say "oh well." I scratched my head and there was my pencil, in my hair. I'm a ding dong.
Today was ok. I was actually thinking that my seizures were going away since I only had one when I was sleeping. But, I was in my cooking class, we were just watching a boring movie and I was writing for this test, and I remember waking up with my head on my desk. I look down at my paper and the letters are all scribbly. I rubbed my head and said, "oh well hopefully no one saw that." My friend leaned over and said are you ok, I said ya I think I should go to the clinic. We were walking out the door and into the hall way, and Splat! It goes blank. I look up and see the nurse, my friend, and two other girls. The two girls were holding my head, my friend was holding my hand, and the nurse was freaking out. I got up and I was fine. Of coarse the nurse was freaking out and was like your not going back to class, I'm like I am fine gosh let me go. She's like we need to call your mom blah blah blah... They talked to my mom and my mom's like gosh send her to class she's fine. I'm like dude freak out. Uh it's so annoying. Like that nurse needs to understand that she need to calm down. The more flustered she is the less calm I'll be. Oh dear I guess I better pray for her. I've been struggling with Love your neighbor as yourself. I'm like God that is so hard. I got mad at some people in my kitchen in my cooking class and I started washing the dishes just like: God they are so annoying right now, please just not let me to do anything to them. Control my tongue. Well been thinking alot about the whole career thing. Yes, I have a whole year to think about it since I am doing treatment and everything. (treatment is 15 months and I probally wouldn't start till September.) So I have some time. I'm a person that changes my mind often. First I wanted to be a sign language teacher, physical therapist, nurse, paramedic. God has called me to the mission about ahh a year and a half ago. So you gotta do what God says. Which I love anyway. And I think I want to go into foriegn language. I don't know I guess I'll pray about it. Oh dear my mom keeps calling me to come take my pills. I have taken these 2 in like 3 days. Which isn't bad or anything there just supplement. One is orange and smells horrible and the other is green. And seriously it is spinach in a pill. Uh both YUCKY!!!! I get to smash it up and stick it through my g tube. It feels like a science project when I do that. LOL. Not much else. Had 4 seizures since I got home. The last one was bad cause when I woke up I had the worst pain in my fore arms and my feet were scruncthed and cramped. Stretching and ice helped with it though. Ok I'm hot. This computer has been sitting on my lap all night. Ha I have to go do math devoir anyway.

Love Always,

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