Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This disease must does wonders for my apperance...everyone keeps telling me how good I look!

   Ha ha do you like the title? I am running out of title ideas. I had a good night tonight. I went to see my church Play. It was a musical and it was so good. 
   I had a little bit of trouble today. I passed out during math class. But it wasn't too obvious, my head was on my desk when I woke up, I hope the teacher didn't think I was sleeping. That's rude. LOL. I ended up passing out again after my shower tonight. I woke up laying half on half off my bed. Idk it's so weird it's like I get a wave of fatigue and then I can just feel it and then I'm out. 
   People at church tonight said I looked good. You know sometimes I feel really good when I'm around those people. You think I would be mad or confused about all that is happening but the Lord has given me so much peace in the last few weeks. 
   I am excited for this weekend. Tomorrow us gals are going to see my friends lacross game and then all go to Bible study and then hang out and have a sleepover at one of the girls' house. There is 7 of us I think. And I might go prom dress shopping Friday with the twins. (Yes, I have decided to go to prom, I wish a certain guy would ask me, but if not then I'll go with a group of guys and girls.) And my Best Friend is coming down this weekend so we might go dress shopping too. And Sunday is Easter. I am going to sunrise service at my old church and then 9am service at my new church. Should be fun. 
   Doing my feed tonight. Really don't want to. Rrrgh! I hate it and it hates my gut. Blah. I also have to start making a shawl tonight for sewing. Well it's not sewing, I'm kniting it. Ugh. well better go get started before it gets too late. Night.

Love always,

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