Sunday, April 8, 2012

Understanding my seizures

Just review on the different kinds of seizures:

X indicated symptoms I have.

Generalized seizures

Grand mal/tonic clonic:
-unconscious, convulsions X
-tongue biting  X
 -urinary incontinence

-stiffen and loose consciousness X
-last 30-60seconds after which the patient goes into a deep sleep (the "postictal" or after-seizure phase). X
-repetitive jerking movements X
-last 30-60 seconds

Absence seizures:
-disconnects from the world for a few seconds X
-brief loss of consciousness X
-last just a few seconds
-Blank stare

Myoclonic seizures:
-jerking but just for a second or two.
-brief electrical shocks X

-loss of muscle tone
-falling X

Partial seizures (sometimes have an aura)

Simple partial:
-Spasms X
-Awareness preserved
-memory preserved
-consciousness preserved
-stiffness X
-rapid heart beats X
 -urinary incontinence

Complex Partial Seizures:
-awareness impaired X
-consciousness impaired X
-repetitive involuntary movements X

Pseudo seizures:
-clonic X
-tonic X
-absence X
-myoclonic X
-patients can not control X
-look like seizures but have no electrical confusion of the brain X
-can be cause by nerve damage (for me Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) X

My auras:
-Wave of fatigue
- Rapid heart beat
- Nervousness

My seizures are called pseudo seizures. My brain misfires because of my nerve disease Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Lyme disease. The types vary but include: Tonic, Clonic, Absence, Atonic, and simple partial. 

Why am I telling you this? I was told I had 8 seizures while I was at church this morning. I guess they were really bad. I fell and loss consciousness.  I was jerking and my eyes were rolling. I guess that would be very scary for people.

I want to make something very clear. I DO NOT need you to call 911, or transport me to the hospital. If you do I will not go. Today I know a bunch of people that surrounded me, wanted to call 911, I came out of it and said NO!

My mom came an picked me up and I just cried in the car. It's so frustrating. I am up to 75mg on Lamictal. I continue that this week and by next week I'll get to the full dose of 100mg. I'm praying it starts to decrease. Also me and my mom talked about getting an alert bracelet. The paramedic that went to the church saw my little charm bracelet that said seizures on it. But it is so tiny it's hard to notice. 
I might go out tonight, but I need to take a nap, sometimes I get really tired after my episodes, so it be a good idea. 

Love always, 

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