Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hope is like a light

I'm running out of colors to use. Well I got a place to put all my medications and stuff.
It is so neat. Ha that had a double meaning. Today was an ok day. I had a few tics at school but nothing real bad. Not like I was on the ground passed out or anything, thank goodeness. I am hoping that doesn't happen. However this evening by mom knocked on my door and I woke up confused. I was laying on my bed passed out. Not sure how long I was out, maybe 15 minutes. I got to increase the rate on the seizure med which makes me happy. I started taking Claratin which has helped the rashes that I get from the Lamictal.  
I made a pillowcase today in sewing. We had to get a project that would last up till the end of the school year, and well, I finished today. But I calculated that I could make 15 pillow cases till the end of the school year. And maybe I'll sell them at relay. Good idea right? 
Well up early tomorrow for blood work and then school. Then I have to go to a dentist apt to see when I can get my wisdom teath out. Then I have French and then I'm going to the church play.
See Yah!

Love Always,

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