Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talk Radio?

I am a girl who likes music. Christian music and Hillsong United is my favorite. But what have I been listening to? Yup, talk radio. The preacher stuff that my mom listens to. I enjoy it! I never thought I would. I always thought it was boring. But I look forward to it when I drive to school. I get a little tid bit on my short drive to school I should say. 

I saw my PCP yesterday. She is setting me up with this GI doctor that will do the surgery. It couldn't come any sooner. I am like dying here. Haven't been able to keep anything down for almost 2 months. My throat is raw and bloody. My stomach constantly hurts and I am nauseous. I am trying to eat though don't get me wrong. Sometimes when I am not nauseous I get so mad and just eat whatever I want but then it just repels back up. It's frustrating when you don't want this to happen and it happens. I am not sure the plan yet til I see this dr. However he is associated with Orlando hospitals so I would probably have to see him in Orlando to have the surgery, which stinks. My PCP said my UTI is clearing up, praise the Lord. However my tube infection is back and I will see her again to make sure its just stomach fluid.

This weekend is my spring break. I am looking for a job so if y'all know any good jobs out there for me please speak up. I may have a temporary one till I can find one. My best friend is also coming this weekend and we are going to the fair. So excited!

I went to Vocational Rehabilitation today. This is an agency that helps you go to college or a tech school and they help you pay for some if you don't apply for finical aid.  The lady said something to me that really really mad. I am not going to say it, but it made me so mad that I actually thought about leaving the office right then and there. SO MAD!!!

Anyway, how is life without my IPod you may ask? It is filled with God. I have never felt closer to Him. I thought that I would have a problem with taking it away and I still do but it's not as bad as I thought. I simply powered it down and stuck it in a drawer. I was going on Facebook 10 times a day. Now without it I get on once and sometimes not at all. It is great to have God then to have something of this world. Ya I may have Facebook for 20 years+ but I will have God for eternity! 

I just want to put these lyrics at the bottom:
I called you answered
And you came to my rescue and I
I wanna be where you are
Love Always, 

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