Sunday, March 25, 2012

Red Hair

I have red hair. Yes red. I dyed it on Friday and it was called intense auburn. It was a reddish orange color. I decided to dye it brown but that didn't work. Now it is a purplish brown. Oh well it only lasted 8 weeks.

As you may know I have decided to do the Lyme treatment. I am so scared. I have never been so scared in my life. And when I talk about it I cry cause I'm so scared. I just hope you pray for me. Right now I am just doing the part were I prepare my system with supplements and other medications. But in a few months I will start the treatments. 

I will take a year and a half off EMT school till I am done with the treatment. Because I don't know how my body will act I am not sure how much schooling I will be able to handle. But I intend to be a part time student while in treatment. (If I can handle it.)  

I still hope I can go to summer camp 2012. I am really excited about that. Well that's all for now. I am super exhausted so I am going to take a nap. TTYL.

PS. I am taking a lot of pills. LOL. 13 in the morning 17 at night. crazy eh! Pray for me.

Love always,

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